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I am becoming thoroughly convinced that years from now we will look upon Edward P. Jones as one of the great writers of our time, specifically his short stories. He's a master of the devastating clause, that final turn at the end of the sentence which nails past and present (he's great at scope), and also heartbreak or small joy. I'll throw some examples on here one of these days. Richard Ford was excellent at the devastating clause, especially in "Rock Springs." But Eddie P., you, my friend, are the man.

Check out "All Aunt Hagar's Children" or "Lost in the City" if you get the chance. The dedication to his mother in the former is wrenching.

Speaking of the devastating clause, it brings to mind James Wright and what a former teacher used to call his "terminal endings." If I were in school, maybe I'd write an essay. Alas, I'm not, and really, thank god for that.

In other news, I am sporting the case manager tan. Left forearm, the one hanging out the car window, a thing of dark beauty. The right, pale, withered and evil. If any of you need a subject for a before and after picture, tan spray or such, I will send you my digits.
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