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sketches from a southern california trip...

Sat. 7/28-- the pre-birthday party with friends and family, and for probably the first time for everyone, the friends' kids. i take a picture with a gathering of six and dub them my mormon family. it is good, and good to see a peace, a settling, over one of my friends as he holds his child.

Sun. 7/29-- santa barbara with my parents and sister. crosses set in rows aside the pier; a protest, one for each of the dead. art along the boardwalk. a photograph of horses hurtling over a hill at dusk, primal and electric, a storm hesitant to even approach the scene. bought pictures of a desert storm, reminder of the many cross country trips. my sister and her negative explosiveness, her bundle of anxiety and anger and who knows what.

Mon. 7/30-- miles and miles of walking, down the coast, through the carousel park, up state street, the harbor, back again. santa barbara roasting company's delicious iced coffee, along with numerous refills. assorted pictures from the present to myself, a camera, after having stolen the ex's pictures for so many years as my own. at night, a family game, my sister laughing, finally, and then blessed rest.

Tues. 7/31-- the birthday, one of those milestones, of which, honestly, i still haven't given thought. odd, never home, or at "home", on a birthday, always: moving and moving and moving; SoCal, Fresno, North Carolina, Arkansas; as a child, camping, party-less (but really, no loss).
walked alone that morning. wonderful choosings at the farmer's market that evening, strawberries the size of sausage and pluots, those remnants from my days of fresno, lovely pluots. i choose sushi for dinner, but noone else is willing to every try it; it's the brewery, a defeat. that night madison's bar and their karaoke night, the supportive regulars and a couple of long island's the size of a tijuana margarita. bloc party spilling out from the hipster bar on state. i flash my arkansas driver's license--yes, sir, i have traveled a long way.

Wed. 8/1-- the trip back to the old homestead. sore. rest.
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