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The life, the job

What do you say when one of your clients, after having checked out Cyndi Lauper's greatest hits at the library, asks, while driving him home, if he can sing you "All Through the Night"?

You say:

Go for it, man. Go for it.
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dude, i want more stories. email me your info so i can give you a call.
why don't you email me your numero. i can get free calls on the weekend and in the evening. i've been meaning to give you a ring soon.
that made me laught out loud. i love those random moments with the clients. gotta love it...
i need to throw you an email. what's the phone situation like over there. do you have a decent plan where you can call the states? it's been far too long since we actually talked.
throw me an email with your phone number and i'll give you a ring...just let me know the time difference from california and i'll work out the time difference from the u.k.
hope all is well.