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banjopwhistle's Journal

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31 July
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i am just a boy
who tries to write.
absurdism, american movie, anne sexton, annie proulx, arcata pizza and deli, atom egoyan, baseball, better off dead, bloc party, bob hicok, breece d'j pancake, bruce campbell, bug juice, c.g. hanzlicek, c.k. williams, camus, cemetery dance, charles simic, charles wright, chasing amy, chichi, choochi, christopher walken, dali, dan chaon, darren aronofsky, denis johnson, doggies, edward p. jones, evil dead, existentialism, feta cheese, fiction, firefly, freaks and geeks, french bread, gary soto, greg dulli, hidden truths, horror, hubert selby jr., humboldt, humboldt state, idlewild, impotent saviors, indie girl, ironweed, james wright, jayhawks, jesus' son, jim dodge, joe lansdale, kafka, kids in the hall, la playa, larry levis, memento, modern poetry, mr. show, naps, nelson algren, northern exposure, oldschool gary oldman, pablo neruda, peliculas, pete and pete, philip levine, philosophy, pizza, poetry, poker, poochie hands, radiohead, ray bradbury, raymond carver, rem, requiem for a dream, richard ford, richard hugo, rilke, roethke, russell banks, say anything, sharon olds, short stories, simple language, singing goofy songs, spoon, stand by me, stanley kunitz, sushi, t.s. eliot, tenacious d, the fresno poets, the odom, the sweet hereafter, the wonder years, tobias wolff, tragedy, tricky, truth, tv on the radio, twilight singers, twin peaks, u2, uncle tupelo, w.s. merwin, whitman, wilco, william kennedy, william meredith, wolf parade, writing, writing workshops, y tu mama tambien

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